Simi Valley Police Officer Opportunities

Police Officer Trainee

The Police Officer Trainee is the entry level position for those who have not yet attended a California POST certified academy. The academy is a six month long process and is the first step in your law enforcement career.


The Police Officer Academy Complete is for those who have completed a POST certified academy, but have not completed a full year of law enforcement employment where they would have earned a California POST Basic Certificate.

Police Officer Lateral Transfer

The Police Officer Lateral Transfer is for those currently employed as California Peace Officers in good standing and possess a California POST Basic Certificate.  


Sworn Employee Benefits



Individuals who were active members of a reciprocal public retirement system within the last six months, or were previously employed with the City of Simi Valley prior to January 1, 2013, and enrolled in CalPERS will be enrolled in the CalPERS 3% @ 55 retirement plan (employee pays 9% while city pays 3% contribution).  New employees will be enrolled in the CalPERS 2.7% @ 57 retirement plan (employee pays 12% contribution).

Deferred Compensation Program:

Employees may also defer a portion of their salary into 401(k) and/or 457 plans.

Educational Incentive:

Educational Incentive pay on the pay scale paid at 2.5% for an A.A. Degree and 5% for a B.A. Degree (not compounded).


An Incentive of 3% for an Intermediate POST Certificate and 6% for an Advanced POST Certificate (not compounded).

Annual Leave:

Sworn Employees earn 168 hours of leave per year initially, 208 hours per year after five years, and 260 hours per year after ten years of Service.  An option to purchase Annual Leave as well as two opportunities to convert Annual Leave to pay exists.


Eleven paid holidays (10 hours each) per year.

Uniform Allowance:

New uniforms and equipment provided by the City at time of hire followed by $1600 uniform allowance annually.

Group Health Insurance:

The City is a CalPERS medical participant with $133 contribution monthly by the City supplemented by up to $1847.87 SimiFlex Dollars monthly to offset the cost of insurance.

Dental coverage including orthodontia provided for employees and dependents for $8.07 monthly.  Vision Coverage for employees and dependents provided for $1.46 per month. The City pays all premiums for $100,000 of life insurance coverage for employees.


Professional Support Staff

Deputy director/police critical support and logistics



911 Center Communications Manager

Under general direction, supervises, assigns, reviews and participates in the work of staff responsible for providing police dispatch services; plans, organizes, evaluates and manages the Simi Valley Communications Center; ensures work quality and adherence to established policies and procedures; and performs the more technical and complex tasks relative to assigned area of responsibility.


Public Safety Dispatcher

Under immediate (Police Dispatcher Trainee) or general (Police Dispatcher) supervision, performs a variety of dispatching duties for emergency and non-emergency calls; dispatches police officers to calls for service; and operates a variety of communication equipment including radio, telephone, and computer systems.


Police Services Officer (Non-sworn)

Under general supervision, performs a variety of specialized clerical and technical non-sworn law
enforcement duties in support of the Police Department including taking crime reports, enforcing parking laws and ordinances, performing traffic control, and receiving, securing, safeguarding, preserving, and disposing of police property and evidence; provides information to the general public and answer citizen inquiries; prepares records and reports; and provides other support and assistance to sworn and other non-sworn positions in the Police Department in support of various functions.

This is a broad classification with individual positions assigned to specific functional areas; duties and assignments may overlap depending on the operational needs of the department and staffing levels.


Records Technician

Under immediate supervision (Police Records Technician I) or general supervision (Police Records Technician II), performs a variety of specialized clerical and technical duties involved in processing various police records and reports; receives, enters, researches, and assimilates data in a records management system and other database systems; identifies and maintains crime activity and known offender information and statistics; and, performs a variety of related duties involved in the maintenance of highly confidential records.

This is a broad classification with individual positions assigned to specific functional areas. Duties and assignments may overlap depending on the operational needs of the department and staffing levels.

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